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Original Folk-Pop with a Celtic Twist

DR9, from East Haddam CT, writes upbeat pop/folk music with tight male/female vocal harmony as the cornerstone. Their debut album, Matter of Time, released in 2021 showcases a Celtic twist, featuring professional Irish musicians as well as a Nashville-based sax and whistle player. Currently they frequent venues in the Connecticut River Valley area: local festivals, fairs, private events, and pubs since 2017, often sporting a fiddler to add to their coveted Irish flare. DR9 brings a catchy and folky feel to any show, fronting couple, Rebecca and Barry O'Doherty. Anchored by Jim David (drums), and Dana Takaki (fiddle), the songwriting of the local musical powerhouse demonstrates diverse guitar techniques, a broad vocal range and compelling lyrics, sprinkled with tasteful leads and unique rhythm. They not only have their musicianship down to a science, but have cultivated quite an attractive performance.


Feb 23 (Fri)

The Dublin

East Hampton

6 - 9 PM

Mar 17 (Sun) St. Patrick's Day

The Dublin

East Hampton

3 - 7 PM

Mar 9 (Sat)

St. Patricks Day parade

The Irish American Home Society


4:30 - 7:30 PM

Mar 23 (Sat)

Milestone Pub (Irish Parade Weekend)


9 PM - 12 AM

Mar 16 (Sat)

High Nine Brewing Co.

Deep River

6 - 9 PM

Apr 26 (Fri)

The  Irish American Home (Pub)

7-10 PM

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