Barry O'Doherty of

Donegal Ireland:

Rhythm Guitar/Vocals

DR9 (10 of 69).jpg

Geoff Cox of New York:

Irish Whistle

DR9 (4 of 69).jpg

Becca Gripp of Wilmington, Delaware: Vocals/Keyboard


Jim David of Boston, Massachusetts: Drums/Percussion

B i o g r a p h y

The experience of the original music of Driving Route 9, loosely fitting the description of modern folk/pop, takes their listeners to a place you simply can’t find anywhere else. Fronted by Becca Gripp of Wilmington, DE and Barry O’Doherty of Donegal County, Ireland, with Jim David on drums and Geoff Cox armed with his whistle this originals band from Southeast Connecticut is currently flourishing along the East Coast, creating an Irish-American experience unlike any other, a contemporary folk feel with an upbeat and celtic twist. On the heels of a trip to Dublin to record and integrate the talents of professional Irish musicians, specifically with fiddle and whistle, their efforts to extend beyond the region have yet to be heard upon recent release of their debut  record, “Matter of Time." A matter of time it is before Driving Route 9 completes a carefully designed musical recipe for the world to experience. 


Paul Emmerling of East Haddam, CT