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Forecast in Ireland

“Rain, rain, won’t you please hurry up and pour! I’m stifling in this desert, and I can’t take it no more!” –Driving Route 9

It looks like rain in Ireland for the upcoming week, but if I remember correctly, that’s exactly what we asked for.

The lyrics to our song, “Something Pure” clearly convey a desire that everybody has, one that sadly goes often uncultivated. Our desire to freely separate ourselves both mentally and physically from the stifling daily societal monotonic patterns is strong enough to beg the Irish sky for a special kind of rain…..the kind that pours originality into our music and introduces something pure to the ears of people around the world. Our travel plans are finalized and our studio date is set. A mere 5 days are ahead before the journey begins. Our collaborator across the pond, Ian Kinsella, connected us with two extraordinary Irish musicians to help us create a rare and pure beauty to introduce to the musical industry. Alan Doherty, widely recognized flautist and lead soloist on the Lord of the Rings soundtrack, and Aoife Kelly, fiddle player of Jiggy, will be contributing to our debut album, Matter of Time. Jiggy, an up-and-coming traditional yet exotic original Irish band just released their first album last year and their new video, “Silent Place” has recently gone viral. Doherty, also a producer, and Ira will work with us to finish our record sometime in the upcoming months of 2018.

The three of us, myself, Barry and Ira, are all struck with emotion today as we communicate the final logistics of the adventure together. I am completely overwhelmed with gratitude for the unknown before us, whatever the outcome, and for the rain that allowed our roots to stretch from miles apart to East Haddam Connecticut, where maybe something pure will continue to grow.

“Well here, I feel like everybody’s programmed to believe that there are certain things in life that we need to achieve. I’m not your average robot, you can put me to the test. My feet will take me where I please and God can do the rest. “ – Driving route 9

Check out Aoife Kelly and Alan Doherty at the links below and stay tuned!

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